Monday, June 2, 2008


Today I spoke to a friend of mine who just had returned from a Bob Dylan concert in Helsinki, Finland. He said it was the best Dylan concert he ever been to, probably thanks to the fact that Dylan was in a very good mood, he even told jokes to the audience. I think that is worth celebrating by posting this clip:

Isis - Bob Dylan

Wikipedia says:
One of the most celebrated songs on Desire is the symbolic travelogue "
Isis". According to NPR's Tim Riley, "Isis" tells the story of a young groom who marries his bride before he learns the value of loyalty. Riley wrote that the story told of a man who learns about the love of a woman through the deception of another man and a "quest for riches that resigned itself to the quest for human contact". Also, the protagonist mistakenly believes that his quest is for treasure when an ulterior purpose is at play. When he approaches the tomb, he finds it empty and without any reward. Unbeknownst to him, he was playing a part in a higher story line: the tomb eagerly awaited for the arrival of his companion who dies immediately. When he chucks the body into the empty space, he realizes what a folly this whole adventure has been, and thus returns to the arms of his knowing wife."

Hmm... great song... this clip is aslo one of my favourites on YouTube...


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