Wednesday, June 18, 2008

13 Reasons To Give Ringo Starr some respect!

I have many times talked to people about the "Pete Best/Ringo Starr phenomenon". Some of them has said that Ringo was lucky, that Pete Best was a lot better drummer. They have also said that Ringo Starr was The Beatles weakest link, that he didn't really know how to drum and that he often got out of tempo. These people don't have a clue of what they're talking about.

If you get into the same discussion it will now be easy to refer to this list:

13 Reasons To Give Ringo Starr Some Respect.

"This is an excellent list of thirteen reasons given by John Bryant (a session drummer who has played with artists such as Ray Charles) why Ringo Starr was much more than “an average drummer,” as he is often labelled by music critics.

Always serving the song without showing off, Ringo was an integral and indipensible part of The Beatles. Ringo’s intuitive feel and creative big beat style continues to be hugely influential to contemporary musicians of diverse musical genres, whether they realize it or not. His feel was so consistent and solid that even the drum parts he played for songs in odd time signatures seem simpler than they truly are. Many technically great drummers could never hope to reproduce Ringo’s distinctive style."

George Harrison: "Playing without Ringo is like driving a car on three wheels."



Anonymous said...

Another reason for more respect for Ringo is that in honor of his birthday on 7 July, and for his contributions to the world, he has been made a Prince of the Duchy of Bohemia.

Now "H.H. Ringo Starr, Prinz von Bohmen", Starr was granted the Title of Prince by Stephan Timothy von Rosenberg-Ripps, Duke of Bohemia (see

Anonymous said...

Ringo unfortunately has been scammed like so many others.
Check it out.

Palace Historian said...

Mr. Starr: The so called Duchy of Bohemia is a fantasy internet micronation, with no apparent connection to Bohemia, but to Minsk and Yiddish traditions
. They have no fons honorum but have sold hundreds of noble (?) titles.

Perhaps this is something your attorneys should attend to.