Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Post!

For some months, I've been bloggin on a Swedish blog provider called "". I felt that my posts started to get worse and worse and that I didn't have as much time to write as I needed. Today I've finished of the last things in school and I felt that puting up a new blog on a international provider would be good thing to restart my blogging. I know that my english isn't very good but I just see that as a challenge.
This blog will have the same theme as my last one, music. When I speak about music, I speak about the 60's, the 70's and Great Britain. If you're intrested, just hang on. I will soon be posting a lot of cool youtube-clips, intresting information and my own interpretations to what music is all about.


If you have any comments on either my english or what I've been writing about, LET ME KNOW! You can write in the commentbox bellow or send me an email at:

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Rosemary said...

Welcome! Have you ever noticed that music is the one form of speech that brings people together no matter their politics? It is wonderful! I pray many successes for you.